Frequently asked questions

Review our frequently asked questions.

You can consult our knowledebase for more technical questions/answers.

How many mail accounts can I have on my server?
You are able to create as many IMAP or POP email accounts as you would like! Features such as Auto-Responders, Forwarding and Aliasing are also unlimited. All servers currently use Exim to send and receive email.
Will I have root access to my dedicated server?
Root Access on our Dedicated Servers can be easily requested and granted within seconds through our client area once your account and server are fully provisioned.
What happens if I run out of storage space on my hard drives?
We offer several storage drive upgrades to choose from. You have the ability to upgrade your server with backup drives for storing local backups, additional drives used to quickly increase your available storage space or swap out your primary drives for larger capacity drives. You also have the option to choose from SSDs (solid-state drives) or HDDs (hard disk drives). Keep in mind that while SSDs are faster and higher performing than their HDD counterparts, most seeking very large capacities would choose HDDs. As always, Chat with our Technical Sales Team to get recommendations on a solution that fits your needs!
What kind of connection will my server have to the internet?
Regardless if you choose our Dedicated Servers, VPS Servers or Cloud we include 1 Gbps NICs at no additional charge. Our network is fully redundant with multiple high-bandwidth links from our ISPs and designed to provide lower latency and higher transfer rates.
What software can I install on my dedicated server?
With root access you can potentially install any valid licensed software on your Dedicated Server. Our CentOS servers are provisioned with LAMP stack and come with cPanel / WHM FREE providing a secure and customizable web hosting platform. Furthermore, we offer optional Remote KVM access to enable Lights-Out Management (LOM) capabilities on your Dedicated Server.
How often to you monitor the Data center and servers?
Our servers, network and Data Centers are monitored by our own system admins both on-site and remotely 24/7/365 days a year.
How many websites can I host on a dedicated server?
Our servers support an unlimited number of websites, parked domains and sub-domains. There are no artificial hardware performance limitations imposed on our Dedicated Servers. Chat with our Technical Sales Team about what they recommend for your site.